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A1- Left Arm <!--Centralia Dining Chair)--> A1- Left Arm

Price: $30.00
17 in stock!
A2 - Right Arm <!--Centralia Dining Chair)--> A2 - Right Arm

Price: $30.00
33 in stock!
B - Back <!--Centralia Dining Chair)--> B - Back

Price: $30.00
32 in stock!
BC - Bolt Cap <!--Centralia Dining Chair)--> BC - Bolt Cap

Price: $15.00
175 in stock!
C - Seat <!--Centralia Dining Chair)--> C - Seat

Price: $30.00
15 in stock!
D - Leg Connector <!--Centralia Dining Chair)--> D - Leg Connector

Price: $30.00
2 in stock!
E - Cushion Blue <!--Centralia Dining Chair)--> E - Cushion Blue


Price: $70.00
(Out of Stock)
FT - Foot <!--Amelia Dining Chair)--> FT - Foot

Price: $15.00
31 in stock!
HWR - Hardware <!--Centralia Dining Chair)--> HWR - Hardware

Price: $15.00
22 in stock!
TUP - Touch Up Paint <!--Centralia Umbrella)--> TUP - Touch Up Paint

Price: $15.00
500 in stock!